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Thank you for your reservation!



🎨 We will confirm your reservation by having all forms submitted at least  2 weeks prior to the event.

🎨 Forms or modifications submitted late will be a $5.00 late fee.

🎨 Head count must be confirmed 1 weeks prior to event

🎨Party will take roughly 2-3 hours of set up and clean up.

Host will show up a half hour before official party time to set up and will leave after the artwork is finalized, full payment received and room is cleared of all art supplies. 

🎨 Additional add ons between 10 days to the event is an additional 2-5$ charge

🎨 Please make sure you have the correct amount of tables and chairs ready and set up when Art host arrives. If you intend to use the same table to have the children eat, please inform host of eating time and  have two sets of table covers for the table ready to swap out the painted table covers. Noah’s art is not responsible for any paint or damage on furniture and clothing. All supplies used must be returned to the host before the host leaves. 

🎨 All canvases are pre sketched out before the event and OKAYED by the parent organizing the event. You will be provided 1 mock up free of cost, anything additional will be a $10 fee. 

🎨 If you need customization of paintings (ie: names of each child or 2 different works of art for children) this is an additional $25 fee. 



🎨 Any children under the age of 5 must be accompanied by an adult. 


🎨 Please notify host if any children have any disabilities


🎨 Please notify host of where to park before the host arrives so they can easily bring in supplies and leave without being blocked in by other vehicles.


🎨Drying area: An area where we can be away from the event but still nearby to quickly dry the artwork


🎨 Host will provide gift bags for all the children with discount cards for Noah's art


🎨 Host will need a power outlet for a blow dryer to speed dry the artwork a trash can and a sink nearby if possible


🎨 Host provides a drop cloth for drying canvases - they will need space (esp. If using same tables for eating)  Please make sure you make designated space for art to dry. (Outside if weather permits is always a great spot.)


🎨 Host will outline the artwork to ad a final touch to the artwork. Children can choose to outline or the host will do it for them. (younger participants usually prefer to go play instead of returning to the table or if the table is being used for eating)


 A $10 fee will be made for any supplies that are not returned. Please return smocks - Children tend to walk away with them and leave them in other rooms - so please, ensure they remove them and they are returned.


🎨 If an attendee is absent, the host will leave the premade canvas and paint colors in to-go cups for the parents and child to have. 


🎨 If you have any 🎵 to play it is always enjoyed! 


Don’t forget to have fun! 



Thank you again for choosing Noah's art for your special day! It would be greatly appreciated if you could please leave a review :




Noah's Art Metro Michigan


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